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What did Uncle Sam have to do with the first Peterbilts? 
PB's were first created by T.A. Peterman, by taking surplus military trucks and improving upon its technology to make the hardest working super rig he could find.
All because his horse teams were not able to move water logged lumber from the bay to the mill yard fast enough. 
Much younger than it's competitors Kenworth, Freightliner and International; Peterbilt trucks have been featured in the entertainment industry for years.
Starting as the Star of Steven Spielberg's movie, Duel, TV's Knight Rider's "Goliath", and mentioned in the 1970s hit song Convoy!
We sell more Peterbilt chrome dash accessories than any other. Take a look at our semi truck interior accessories for your self and buy yours today!

Incandescent Lights   Ash Trays   Bezels
LED Cab Marker
  Cup Insert   
LED 2" Rounds   Dash Bezels   
LED 2.5" Round   Dash Knobs   
LED 3/4" Buttons   Door Lock Knobs  
LED 4" Rounds   Gauge Emblems  
LED Auxiliary   Handles & Levers  
LED Backup   Toggle Switch Ext.   
LED Clearance-Markers   Door Covers  
LED ID Bars   Glove Box Covers
LED Marker Only   Inserts    
LED Ovals   Face nuts    
Pigtails & Plugs   Screws    
Lights w /Reflectors
  Statement Plates      
    Steering Column       
    Steering Wheels
  Switch Covers
    Switch Guards    
    Switch Plates    

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